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Baseball pitcher throwing off the indoor mound at UW Health Sports Rehabilitation

Throwing Mechanics and Injury Risk


Improper throwing mechanics have led to an increase in shoulder and elbow injuries for baseball players. Appropriate flexibility, balance, agility, strength, and endurance and sound mechanics are required for players to meet the progressive demands of the game as they graduate through the levels of baseball.


Our goal is to help young players who have pain with throwing or are interested in mechanical improvements reach their pitching or throwing goals. Biomechanical video assessments are used in combination with a thorough musculoskeletal evaluation to address injury and performance issues.


The Throwers Clinic involves a pair of appointments one week apart to maximize the assessment, teaching and performance experience.


First Throwers Clinic Appointment


Pitchers should bring their own glove to the first clinic appointment. The first appointment lasts approximately one hour and consists of:

  1. History and throwing/training schedule review
  2. Physical examination (i.e., shoulder and hip mobility, rotator cuff strength, ligament and joint testing)
  3. Video analysis of pitching or throwing mechanics
  4. Implementation of a treatment program

Second Throwers Clinic Appointment


The second appointment lasts approximately 30 minutes and consists of:

  1. Guidelines for rehabilitation and throwing
  2. Teaching throwing correctional drills
  3. Interval throwing program (age- and position-specific)
  4. CD/DVD (throwing mechanics with correctional drills)

More About the Throwers Clinic

  • The Throwers Clinic is available for patients undergoing physical therapy at any of the UW Health Sports Rehabilitation clinics.
  • For those interested in this service because of an injury, a physician referral will be required to ensure coverage through your insurance company. Contacting your carrier is still strongly encouraged for verification purposes.
  • Our clinic can provide a biomechanical video performance evaluation designed for athletes who are not rehabilitating from injury but want to improve pitching mechanics. Improving mechanics is aimed at throwing with more accuracy and velocity while also focusing on injury prevention. The first performance visit is $150, and follow-up appointments are $75.

Throwers Clinic Video



From Our 2015 Baseball Coaches' Clinic


Were you unable to attend our fifth annual preseason Baseball Coaches' Clinic on March 23? Here are some presentations from the session, which focused on Developing Fundamentals and Pitching Performance for the Youth Pitcher.