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Spectrum: Rehabilitation of Athletic Movement for Return to Sport

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UW Health Sports Medicine Performance Spectrum UW Health Sports Medicine Spectrum

The UW Health Sports Medicine Center offers Spectrum, a lower-extremity, group rehabilitation program that combines philosophies of sports training and functional rehabilitation.


About Our Program


The Spectrum program is designed to provide athletes functional strength and sport-specific drills to return to sport activities. These classes are led by physical therapists and physical therapist assistants who specialize in anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and lower-extremity rehabilitation.


Our classes:

  • UW Health Sports Rehabilitation's Spectrum training is primarily designed for patients who have had ACL reconstruction but is beneficial for all lower-extremity injuries.Focus on teaching and retraining movements required for sport skills
  • Help build strength, flexibility, agility/coordination, endurance and sports skill
  • Develop the ability to respond to unanticipated movements and overcome fatigue, which is crucial for injury prevention and returning to sports after injury
  • Provide the psychological support of a group of people who have suffered and returned from similar injuries

Who is Spectrum For?


The class is primarily designed for patients who have had ACL reconstruction but is beneficial for all lower-extremity injuries.


How can I join Spectrum?


Request a Spectrum Evaluation. This evaluation will help identify which Spectrum phase (see descriptions below) is right for you. After your evaluation, a Sports Rehabilitation physical therapist will provide Spectrum registration information.


Payment and Reimbursement


Spectrum is designed on a patient payment model. Spectrum does not generate a diagnosis code or a physical therapy bill. Attendance will not count against your authorized individual physical therapy visits. Registration receipts may be submitted for flex spending account reimbursement by the Spectrum participant.




The Spectrum program includes three progressive phases:

  • Phase I: Return to Basic Fundamental Movement (Basic) ($120 per month). The key to bridging the gap between rehabilitation and sports is to return to basic movement skills, including postural awareness exercises, balance activities, proprioceptive challenges, coordination activities and basic functional strengthening drills.

    When does it meet? Monday and Wednesday, 4:15-4:45pm, at Research Park Clinic; Tuesday and Thursday, 4:30-5pm, at UW Health at The American Center

  • Phase II: Restore Biomotor Patterns (Intermediate) ($160 per month). As athletes relearn to control their strength and coordination, they need to apply coordination to running, jumping, hopping, skipping, leaping and catching before advanced athletic movements can be achieved. Activities in Phase II add components of speed, impact, and change of center-of-gravity, and combine more than one movement and more than one direction or plane of movement. They also continue to work to rebuild their strength.

    When does it meet? Tuesday and Thursday, 4:15-5pm, at Research Park Clinic; Tuesday and Thursday, 5-5:45pm, at UW Health at The American Center

  • Phase III: Retrain and Recondition to Return to Sports (Advanced) ($192 per month). In Phase lll, rehabilitation is specialized to individual sports and trains in agility, plyometrics, speed, strength and power exercises. After completion of Phase lll, athletes are prepared to resume full sports participation at pre-injury level or beyond.

    When does it meet? Monday and Wednesday, 4:30-5:30pm, at UW Health at The American Center