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Pilates instructor and patientUW Health Sports Rehabilitation in Madison, Wisconsin offers a Pilates Clinic to complement your current rehabilitation regimen and as a source for your self-directed workouts.


Pilates and Sports Medicine


Pilates is an important component of sports injury rehabilitation. Our rehabilitation specialists use Pilates exercises to:


• Enhance and normalize muscle recruitment

• Identify faulty movement patterns and work towards efficient movement patterns

• Enhance segmental spinal stabilization

• Improve mobility and stability

• Improve postural alignment and awareness

• Restore shoulder and hip movements


Pilates-based Sports Rehabilitation


Pilates-based sports rehabilitation is offered to new or current UW Health Sports Rehabilitation patients. Your first Pilates session will include: 

  • A 60-minute musculoskeletal, posture and movement assessment that incorporates a Pilates Reformer
  • Development of a detailed, individualized program incorporating Pilates-based movement exercises
  • Follow-up visits will be scheduled as needed

Program details:

  • Referral from a physician, physical therapist or athletic trainer is required.
  • Appointment charges are billed to your insurance. This does not guarantee insurance payment or coverage. Please check your insurance plan coverage.

Performance Pilates


Performance Pilates is a three-step program designed for patients who want extra guidance after discharge from formal therapy and rehabilitation services.  

  • Step 1: Our Pilates specialists conduct a 60-minute evaluation to discuss goals and initiate effective exercises. Additionally, you will receive six visits to use our Pilates Reformer independently. Cost: $295
  • Step 2: If you are already a UW Health Sports Rehabilitation patient and have had a program set up by one of our Pilates specialists, you can set up a 30-minute appointment for program orientation and exercise update. You'll receive six visits to use our Pilates Reformer independently. Cost: $175
  • Step 3: After you've completed steps 1 or 2, we'll provide a 30-minute re-evaluation to review and update your independent program. This includes 10 visits to use our Pilates Reformer independently. Cost: $295