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Sports Medicine Surgical Quality Data

The UW Health Sports Medicine Center monitors and measures the type of care we are providing for our patients through the UW Health Sports Medicine Outcomes Program. We compile and analyze sports medicine surgery data to improve patient care and to publish the results of our surgical work, so you can see how patients who have undergone surgery in our program are doing after their surgeries.


How We Collect Our Surgery Data


Data for the UW Health Sports Medicine Outcomes Program is collected from the time the patient seeks our care through one year. We use only self–report instruments that have been proven valid to measure quality-of-life (SF-12 v.2) and joint function (Non-arthritic Hip scale, 2000 IKDC Functional Knee scale, QuickDASH).


Sports Medicine Volumes

Health Measures Following Surgery

Health Measures Following Knee Surgery

Health Measures Following Arm/Shoulder Surgery

Health Measures Following Hip Surgery

Health Measures Following Miscellaneous Surgery