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Sports Medicine Quality Data: Treatment Summary

Between 2005 and 2013 the UW Health Sports Medicine Center treated 46,938 injuries. The quality data below breaks down the treatment summaries for the Sports Medicine Center between those dates.
Types of Injuries Treated
The UW Health Sports Medicine Center treats a variety of injuries. The graph below shows the number of injuries we have treated, separated by the area of the body that suffered the injury.
Total number of injuries treated: 46,938 
  Number of injuries
Knee 20815
Shoulder 11187
Hip/pelvis 3486
Foot/ankle 3214
Lower/upper leg 3066
Arm (hand, elbow, wrist) 1876
Trunk/back 1446
Head/neck 1227
Injuries by Sport
Activity Number
Running 4366
Soccer 1920
Walking 1644
Basketball 1497
Football 1333
Baseball/softball 1082
Weightlifting 1010
Snow skiing 853
Other 5300
Exercise Injuries by Activity
Activity Number
Condition developed over time 13551
Exercise/fitness 11478
Sport 9814
Other 2457
Work 1333
Motor vehicle accident 1176