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UW Health Sports Medicine monthly e-Newsletter brings UW Health experts together to offer you resources, tips and information to help you stay at the top of your game. Find upcoming educational event and seminar listings, learn about recent updates in research, and more.


Sports Medicine e-Newsletter




May 2017: The Benefits of Foam Rollers

April 2017: How a Bike Fit Can Help You Ride Comfortably

March 2017: How to Exercise While On Vacation

February 2017: Get Ready for Spring

January 2017: Getting a Good Workout at Home




November 2016: What Should You Eat When Recovering From Injury

October 2016: Want to Improve Your Workouts? Find a Group

September 2016: Should You Work Out When You're Sick?

August 2016: Do You Really Need to Carb Load Before a Race?

June 2016: How to Exercise When You Have High Blood Pressure

May 2016: Does Exercise Lead to Stronger Bones?

April 2016: The Key to Preventing ACL Injuries

March 2016: Are You Stretching the Right Way?

February 2016: Do You Need Supplements?

January 2016: Do Express Workouts Really Work?




November 2015: Get Your Head in the Game

October 2015: Fuel Your Performance

September 2015: Tour the New Sports Performance Facility

July 2015: Maintain Your Peak as You Age

May 2015: Treat and Prevent 5 Common Skin Injuries

April 2015: How Sleep Affects Your Performance

March 2015: Superstition or Routine: What Helps Athletes

February 2015: Check Out Our New Facebook Page

January 2015: Top 10 Reasons Cross-Country Skiing is Good for You





November 2014: Is Yoga Right for You?

October 2014: Winterize Your Exercise Routine

September 2014: Why Exercise Isn't Enough

July 2014: How to Overcome Plateaus

June 2014: How to Treat Ankle Sprains

May 2014: Thirty Years of Sports Medicine

April 2014: Keeping "Weekend Warriors" Out of the Doctor's Office

March 2014: Meet the Badgers Team Doc

February 2014: Finding the Exercise Right for You

January 2014: Returning to Skiing After Injury

November 2013: Exercise and the Flu

October 2013: Off-Season Training Tips

September 2013: Trigger Point Dry Needling

August 2013: Tips for Running in the Heat

July 2013: Introducing the e-Newsletter