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The sports performance coaches, physical therapists and athletic trainers in UW Health Sports Medicine's Sports Performance program develop speed, strength and agility training programs for athletes of all ages and ability levels, with an emphasis on long-term athlete development.


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P.L.A.Y. Sports Performance (Ages 6-8)

Physical Literacy and Youth (P.L.A.Y.) builds a foundation of athleticism for all sports by developing fundamental movement skills in a high-energy, fun, game-based training environment.

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Sports Foundations (Ages 9-11)

Sports Foundations is designed for 9-11 year olds, with the focus on learning and developing fundamental sport skills and refining fundamental movement skills.

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Developmental Speed Strength (Ages 12-14)

Developmental speed strength introduces training concepts for sprinting, change-of-direction agility, motor coordination and developmentally-appropriate athletic strength training. Athletes will learn proper exercise and movement technique in preparation for training at the next level.

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Preseason Girls Basketball

Girls basketball players need quickness, strength and stability to perform at their best. This program will help you prepare for the rigors of the season by improving vertical jump, lateral quickness, strength and conditioning specific to high school girls basketball basketball.

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Preseason Boys Basketball

Acceleration and lateral quickness are essential to a high school basketball player. Basketball players need to be able to decelerate safely and change direction quickly. Develop vertical jump power in addition to multidirectional movement and speed in our preseason basketball program. Use the preseason to prepare your body with improved basketball endurance, quickness and power.

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Preseason Hockey

Developing on-ice performance begins with a foundation of off-ice athleticism. Our coaches follow USA Hockey's American Development Model in the design and implementation of the off-ice programs for hockey athletes of all ages. This program is designed to prepare peewee and bantam players for their season by improving speed, agility, coordination, strength, power and conditioning.

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Performance Speed Strength (Ages 15-18)

Competitive athletes require competitive training. Athletes learn advanced techniques in training, including plyometrics, speed development and athletic strength training for improved athleticism and sports performance.

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CrossTrain (for Adults)

This varying-intensity, Sports Performance program will help you improve your muscle strength, endurance and power in a fun and fast-paced environment.

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