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Soccer Training

UW Health Sports Performance's soccer training program can help you become a quicker, more elusive soccer player.UW Health Sports Performance training programs in Madison, Wisconsin, help you become a better athlete and better soccer player with its speed, strength and agility training programs.


No matter your sport - football, basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, hockey, swimming, soccer, tennis, golf - you can get faster, stronger and in better condition by working with UW Health Sports Performance.


Sports Performance Training for Soccer


Soccer players need speed, quickness and endurance to thrive on the soccer pitch. In the UW Health Sports Performance soccer training program, you will:

  • Improve your mobility and quickness, so you can get by defenders and close on the goal
  • Improve your foot speed, footwork and agility, to enhance your dribbling skills
  • Be able to run for 90 minutes and extra time, too, by improving your endurance
  • Avoid being knocked off the ball, because you'll be stronger and have better balance

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  • P.L.A.Y.: Designed by our Sports Performance staff for young athletes ages 7-10, P.L.A.Y. builds a foundation of athleticism for all sports by developing fundamental movement skills in a high-energy, fun, game-based training environment.

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  • Developmental Speed Strength: Designed for youth ages 11-14, our Sports Performance Developmental Speed Strength class introduces training concepts for sprinting, change of direction agility and motor coordination.

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