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MADISON - As any physician knows, safe, high-quality patient care starts with accurately identifying the patient and ensuring that the patient's records are attached to him or her and no one else.


UW Health now has a quick, new way to identify patients and make the critical match between patients and their unique electronic health records (EHR).


Our SAFE (Secure, Accurate, Fast, Efficient) patient identification system reads the veins in the palm of a patient's hand and matches the data to the correct EHR in seconds - ensuring caregivers have that individual's unique record to review and document care.


Why palm scanning? Palm vein patterns are so unique to each person, they can distinguish identical twins or patients who are unconscious or otherwise not able to communicate.


We have implemented the new system at UW Hospital and Clinics and in many UW Health locations in Madison. Enrolling is easy. It takes just a couple of extra minutes at registration or admission.


To learn more about UW Health's SAFE system, visit