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The UW Health Physician Liaison Program

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Physician Liaisons

The UW Health Physician Liaison Program has had a long history of working with physicians who refer patients to UW Health. In the 2008 Referring Physician Satisfaction Survey, regional physicians were asked specifically about their interaction with the UW Health physician liaisons. The physicians consistently rated their satisfaction with the liaison program as a highly valued effective service.


The following is a list of services and information that the liaisons provide to the regional physicians and their staff:

  • Continuing Medical Education opportunities
  • UW Health physician directories
  • Information on new technologies and services available at UW Health
  • Assistance in making referrals to UW specialists
  • New physician announcements
  • Patient education
  • One-on-one meetings with UW Health physicians

Please do not hesitate to contact the Physician Liaison Office directly at (608) 890-5793 or email us.


Physician Liaison Contact Information


Office: 301 Westfield Rd, Suite 320,  Madison, WI, 53717


Cheryl Pieper
Director of Provider Advocacy Program
Office: (608) 890-8534
Cell: (608) 235-8961


Karen Burch
Physician Liaison
Cell: (608) 516-0310


Mark Geiger

Physician Liaison

Cell: (608) 516-7023


Paul Johnson

Physician Liaison

Cell: (608) 516-7021


Shallie Ramig
Physician Liaison
Cell: (608) 516-7022



UW Health is committed to focusing our efforts and priorities to remain your partner of choice in providing care to your patients.


The UW Access Center, UW Health's 1-800, 24/7 physician referral service, is a prime example of listening and acting on the advice of our regional physicians by creating a service that makes it easier for regional physicians to connect to UW Health physicians, transfer patients and make appointments to services, programs and specialists at UW Health. To use the Access Center, call (800) 472-0111.


We welcome and encourage your feedback and suggestions for improvement at any time.