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Pediatric Heart Care

For every 100 births in the United States, roughly one baby is born with a heart defect. This adds up to about 36,000 newly diagnosed babies each year, or more than 700 throughout Wisconsin. In most cases, there is no obvious genetic or environmental cause for a heart defect.


If such a defect is diagnosed, however, chances are better than ever that a child can be treated successfully, especially at a comprehensive pediatric health care facility such as American Family Children's Hospital in Madison.


"We have developed a full-service program for kids who need state-of-the-art cardiology care," says J. Carter Ralphe, MD, who became chief of Pediatric Cardiology at UW Health in 2008. "Within our wonderful new children's hospital, we have assembled an outstanding team to care for children of all ages. The environment is open, child-friendly and focused on providing not only the best pediatric-specific care available, but also on supporting the entire family's needs."


Ralphe, who is also new to Madison, says families who require pediatric cardiology services can now rest easy knowing that the entire umbrella of services is available at American Family Children's Hospital.


One essential component of a pediatric heart program is access to rapid transportation in emergency situations. Children who need heart surgery may need to get to Madison safely and quickly from another hospital or clinic, and in such instances, UW's Critical Care Transport team is ready 24/7 to ensure the best possible transition and outcome.


"Our air and ground transportation units are much more than a helicopter and an ambulance," says Jeff Poltawsky, vice president of American Family Children's Hospital. "They are truly mobile pediatric intensive care units staffed by advanced-trained nurses and respiratory therapists. This attention to every detail of our young patients' hospitalization ensures that we can provide the highest level of care available anywhere."


Families throughout Wisconsin can make an appointment with a UW Pediatric Cardiologist at any of these convenient locations:



Children's Health Center at St. Elizabeth Hospital,

1506 Oneida St.

(920) 730-2650



Beloit Memorial Hospital,

1969 W. Hart Road

(608) 364-5127


Fond du Lac:

St. Agnes Hospital,

430 W. Division St.

(920) 926-5638  #5



Mercy Regional Heart Center, 1000 Mineral Point Ave.

(608) 756-6868



Affinity Medical Group,

1855 S. Koeller St.

(920) 730-2650



Aspirus Heart and Vascular Institute,

333 Pine Ridge Blvd.

(715) 847-2550