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Mohamed Hamdan, MDUW Health now offers a multidisciplinary Faint and Fall Clinic with timely access and consultation for patients who have experienced an unexplained fainting spell or fall. Led by Mohamed Hamdan, MD, chief of cardiovascular medicine and professor at University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, the clinic uses a standardized approach for diagnosis, and offers rapid access and the expertise of multiple specialties, including cardiovascular medicine, geriatrics and neurology.


"Studies have shown that using a standardized approach in this type of clinic will increase the rate of diagnosis and decrease the need for hospital admission," says Dr. Hamdan.


Patients are seen within 24-48 hours, and tests that usually occur through multiple appointments over weeks may be completed in one clinic visit. This standardized approach may result in an unexplained diagnosis rate as low as 2-5 percent when compared with a 42-54 percent rate of unexplained diagnoses with a conventional approach.


In addition, a recent study evaluating the incremental value of a standardized approach, such as the one used in the Faint and Fall Clinic, showed that the number of tests or consultations associated with additional charges was significantly lower when compared to the conventional approach.


Appropriate referrals include patients age 18 and older with an unexplained fainting episode, and any adult (primarily 55 and older) who has experienced a non-accidental fall.


"This new clinic can be an ideal resource for providers," says Dr. Hamdan. "Instead of dealing with the uncertainty of the underlying cause of the patient's condition, providers can schedule patients for a comprehensive one-stop assessment."