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Emergency response teamsMADISON - When every minute counts and a very sick or seriously injured child needs life-saving attention, UW Health's American Family Children's Hospital in Madison provides critical care ground transportation from any hospital or medical clinic.


CHETA (Children's Hospital Emergency Transport Ambulance) is a 24/7 Pediatric Intensive Care Unit on wheels - specially equipped to support the needs of critically-ill and injured neonates and pediatric patients. Our CHETA team includes advanced-trained, PALS-certified pediatric intensive care nurses and pediatric respiratory therapists ready to pick up a child any time, day or night.


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CHETA includes state-of-the-art equipment needed to stabilize a child while en route to more specialized care. An isolette, pediatric ventilators, medications and extensive monitoring equipment are on the vehicle.


"We would always rather have the opportunity to discuss the child's situation with a local physician or hospital," says Tom Brazelton, MD, UW Health pediatric critical care specialist. "The more information we have, the better we can mutually come to a decision that is in the child's best interest."


To have a child transported to American Family Children's Hospital or to speak with a pediatric critical care physician, call the Access Center at (800) 472-0111. Decisions regarding team composition and transportation mode will be made by the attending pediatric critical care physician based on the acuity of the patient, the comfort level of the referring physician, the availability of UW Med Flight and CHETA, and the distance of the patient from Madison.