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Clinical Perspectives in Neurosurgery Podcast Launches

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A new resource for neurosurgeons and related specialties is now available for viewing and downloading.


Clinical Perspectives in Neurosurgery is a series of brief videos intended to share new techniques, important research, intriguing case studies and advanced treatments at UW Health Department of Neurological Surgery in Madison. These videos are available on but also on YouTube and iTunes® as a podcast.


Each episode covers an overview or the highlights of one specific topic related to neurosurgery. Current episodes include:

  • A Posterior-Interhemispheric Approach to a Grade 4 Astrocytoma of the Thalamus and Corpus Callosum
  • The Multidisciplinary Approach to Deep Brain Stimulation
  • Stereotactic Radiosurgery Processes and Benefits

Plans are underway for future topics that will include UW Health's Brachial Plexus program and Spasticity Clinic.


Clinical Perspectives in Neurosurgery is a quick and easy way to investigate these topics. Less than 10 minutes each, these videos are also easily viewed on mobile devices and iPads® which are becoming more prevalent for physicians. They are free from iTunes® which also offers two more advantages. You can subscribe for free which means that each new episode is automatically downloaded each time iTunes® is opened. Doctors also have the option to download an audio-only version.


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Because these are complex topics, the goal is to show how UW Health approaches each one and then open a dialogue with other physicians through calls, consultations and collaborations. They also offer opportunities for expanding these relationships through physicians' site visits to Madison and possible presentations by UW Health neurosurgeons at sites throughout the region.


For more information, you can call (608) 263-6796 or (800) 472-0111 to set up a phone conversation or meeting. We welcome you to check out this new resource.