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UW Health Radiologists Have Access to the Fast Discovery MR750 3.0T Scanner for MRI Procedures

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Fast DiscoveryTM MR750 3.0T scanner


UW Health had recently opened the new UW Health MRI facility at the Wisconsin Sleep Clinic. UW Health radiologists have access to the Fast DiscoveryTM MR750 3.0T scanner for MRI procedures.


Advanced Technology


GE Healthcare's Fast DiscoveryTM MR750 3.0T scanner is one of the world's fastest MRI scanners. With its greater accuracy and image clarity compared to previous scanners, patients are provided with the most comprehensive, specialized imaging services available. UW Health is one of the first academic medical centers in the nation to use the innovative technology in the clinical setting.


Appropriate Candidates and Applications


The 3T MRI scanner is available for outpatient exams for the following applications:

  • Advanced high resolution neurological imaging
  • Functional MRI
  • Diffusion tensor fiber tracking
  • Spectroscopy
  • Volumetric imaging
  • Brain and spine
  • Orthopedic, rehabilitation and other musculoskeletal applications
  • Abdominal and pelvic

Multidimensional Images


The sophisticated, 3T technology provides exceptional, detailed routine MRI and fMRI cortical mapping images of the brain that are unparalleled to existing MRI technology. The technology will reveal images that have never been visible before. It will provide real-time feedback of the brain and can pinpoint areas of the brain to improve diagnosis and planning treatments of illnesses.