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2010 UW Health Referring Provider Satisfaction Survey Shows Improvement

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Referral Information

In an ongoing effort to improve service, UW Health surveyed regional referring physicians to learn how well we meet their needs.


Results from the survey responders indicate that initiatives put in place after a similar survey in 2008 made positive impacts on their experience with UW Health. The results also emphasize our need to continue to improve timeliness and quality of communication with referring providers and access to our services.


New in 2010, the survey asked referring physicians specifically about their satisfaction with communication they received regarding their patients seen at UW Health and with access to services at UW Health.


Eighty percent responded either "completely satisfied" or "very satisfied" on each of these factors, compared to 7 percent who responded as "dissatisfied." Seventy-three percent of high volume referrers (50-plus) indicated they are "completely satisfied" or "very satisfied," while only 9 percent are "dissatisfied."


Outpatient Survey Results


Share This StoryUW Health rated statistically higher in 2010 than 2008 for all outpatient consultation factors, including:

  • Timeliness of communication from the specialist
  • Ease of arranging the initial appointment with the specialist
  • Timeliness of diagnostic test results (lab, pathology, radiology, etc.)

"Overall, the outpatient findings are encouraging," says Sandhya Garg, MD, UW Health physician and medical director for Regional Development. "They show that efforts to improve communication and access make a difference, and suggest that continuing to work on these areas will help us better meet the needs of our referring providers."


Inpatient Survey Results


UW Health's highest ratings on inpatient questions were:

  • Overall quality of this inpatient service (4.27 mean, 76th percentile)
  • Ease of using UW Hospital's Access Center for a patient admission (4.23 mean, 97th percentile)
  • Your patients' satisfaction with their care received at UW Hospital (4.17 mean, 85th percentile)
  • Attending specialists' availability for consultation (4.12 mean, 89th percentile)