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Quality Reports

UW Health's commitment to quality and patient safety includes providing patients with important information about the quality of the care we provide.


Cancer Surgery

UW Health Cancer Surgery Quality data: Surgeons in the operating room

UW Health cancer surgery data for esophageal, liver and pancreas cancer.


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Endocrine Surgery

UW Health Endocrine Surgery Quality data: Two doctors and a patient

UW Health endocrine surgeons provide comprehensive secondary and tertiary surgical consultation and care in each of several different areas.


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Sports Medicine 

UW Health Sports Medicine Quality data: Clinician and girl on crutches

The UW Health Sports Medicine Center monitors and measures the type of care we are providing our patients through the UW Health Sports Medicine Outcomes Program.


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UW Health Transplant Quality Reports: Transplant physicians in the operating room

UW Health transplant physicians are recognized experts in their field, providing care to patients in our heart, lung, kidney, liver, pancreas, intestine, islet cell and pediatric transplant programs.


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