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Internet Resources

The UW Health Poison Prevention and Education Center recommends the following resources to increase your awareness of poison prevention.
Wisconsin Poison Center
The Wisconsin Poison Center, located in Milwaukee, provides 24-hour, toll-free poison information for all individuals in the State of Wisconsin. In Febuary of 2005, the Poison Center received national certification by the American Association of Poison Control Centers, which is the nationwide organization that sets standards and collects exposure data for poison centers across the country. For information, please call (800) 222-1222.
Help Yourself to a Healthy Home: Protect Your Children's Health
"Help Yourself to a Healthy Home: Protect Your Children's Health" is a new guide produced by the Wisconsin Department of Housing and Urban Development and Cooperative State Education initiative. The publication helps identify and address potential health hazards to children at home. It covers nine areas of concern: mold, carbon monoxide, asthma and allergies, lead poisoning, drinking water, pesticide use, indoor air quality, hazardous house products and home safety. Each chapter focuses on a topic, action steps to address the issue, references and ways to get more information concerning each topic. You can download the booklet from the Healthy Homes Web site.
American Association of Poison Control Centers Web site
Go to the public Web site for the American Association of Poison Control Centers, to read about poison centers and poison prevention. This Web site contains lots of helpful information, including: first aid tips, prevention tips for adults, children and teens, poisoning statistics, and more. The site does not provide information about diagnosing and treating poisonings.
National Capital Poison Center
You can get a singing poison safety card to remind your friends and loved ones of the importance of poison awareness.