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Orthotics Clinic: (608) 263-0583

Research Park Clinic: (608) 265-8808

Rehabilitation Clinic(608) 263-8412

UW Health at The American Center: (608) 440-6677

orthotics programOrthotic practitioners at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, evaluate for and design orthoses to fit patients who need protective support or correction of impairments due to disease, deformity or muscle/bone impairment.
The UW Health Orthotics staff provides orthoses to control biomechanical alignment, protect or support a body part, assist rehabilitation, reduce pain and improve mobility.
Orthotists at UW Health assess, design, manufacture and fit appropriate orthoses to suit patients' unique needs. Our professional staff and patient care facilities are accredited by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics and Prosthetics.
Our Goals
The ultimate goal of orthotic treatment is to provide the patient with support, protection and increased ability to perform daily activities.
Our clinics provide orthotics services for infants through older adults, covering a wide range of injuries and conditions. Our goal is to be Wisconsin's foremost provider of orthotic devices.
In addition to outpatient services, comprehensive inpatient orthotic services are provided at UW Hospital and Clinics.
UW Health Orthotics provides all levels of services in orthotics (custom, custom-fit and off-the-shelf).
  • Lower-extremity orthoses
  • Upper-extremity orthoses
  • Spinal orthoses
  • Plagiocephaly helmets
  • Neuroprosthetics technology (WalkAide) 

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