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Inpatient Rehabilitation Program Staff Roles

The University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Inpatient Rehabilitation Program provides short-term, post-acute inpatient rehabilitation services and education for people recovering from an injury or an illness.


We provide comprehensive, individualized care using a multidisciplinary team approach. The dedicated inpatient rehab team centers on the patient and family/caregivers and consists of:

  • Physiatrist, Doctor of Physical Medicine: A physician who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation who can work to treat the basic disease and prevent further complications
  • Consulting Physician: In many other specialty areas, such as neurology, oncology, cardiology or orthopedics
  • Rehabilitation Nurses: Nurses who are specially trained and certified to provide rehab-specific care
  • Occupational Therapists: Therapists who are specially trained to work with the patient on self-care skills, including activities of daily living, strength and coordination
  • Physical Therapists: therapists who are specially trained to work with the patient on mobility skills, strength, balance, flexibility and coordination
  • Health Psychologists: Psychologists specializing in health and disability management who can assist with psychosocial adjustment after an illness or injury
  • Social Workers: Provide assistance helping patients and families cope with illness or injury, and work to provide counseling, information and referral to available resources for return to the community or other care settings
  • Case Managers: Assist with transition to home or other community settings and arranging any follow-up services that may be needed
  • Speech and Language Therapists: Therapists who are specially trained to address communication problems, swallow difficulties and cognitive skills
  • Therapeutic Recreational Specialist: Therapist who can assist with return to leisure activities and transition to home
  • Vocational Counselor: Works with clients with new or existing disabilities on educational or career goals
  • Orthotists: Measures, designs, fabricates and fits braces and other orthopedic type appliances

Additional services are available as needed, including swallowing assessments and driving ability assessments.