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This Month in Sports Rehabilitation: Golf Clinic (March 2010)

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A golfer hits balls into a net in the UW Health Golf Clinic

The snow is slowly melting and it's almost time to take the dust off your clubs. When the golf season finally gets here, you want to be ready to hit the links.


UW Health Sports Rehabilitation's Golf Clinic in Madison, Wisconsin, has been created to help you play your best golf this season.


Whether you are limited by pain or just want to find a way to improve your physical ability to play golf, the Golf Clinic can help you. 



Golf Clinic Staff


The Golf Clinic at UW Health Sports Rehabilitation is coordinated by Dave Knight. Dave is a licensed athletic trainer and a Titleist Performance Institute™ Certified Golf Fitness Instructor.


The UW Health Golf Clinic includes a series of diagnostic physical tests used to evaluate each golfer's physical attributes as they relate to the golf swing. Based on this evaluation, a custom program is designed to address the physical needs of each individual.


The Golf Clinic also offers injury evaluation to address any physical limitations that may be leading to injuries and their impact on the golfer's swing.


Did You Know?

Golf Fitness Instructor Dave Knight uses video analysis to help a golfer improve his swing 

Golf Clinic Instructor Dave Knight recently spoke to the UW Health Sports Medicine staff about golf biomechanics and its relationship to performance and injury. Here are some interesting tidbits from Dave's talk:

    • Elite golfers show significantly greater hip, torso and shoulder strength and flexibility than less-skilled golfers


    • Trunk power, leg and hip power, combined arm and trunk power and grip strength show the strongest correlation to swing speed


    • Although considered low impact, golf has an alarming rate of injury. According to a 2003 German study, 60 percent of professionals and 40 percent of amateurs sustain a golf-related injury each year.


Whether you're interested in golf conditioning or injury evaluation and prevention, we can help. Learn more about the UW Health Golf Clinic


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