American Family Children's Hospital

Your Hospital Room

We want your room to be a clean and comfortable place for you and your visitors. If you have concerns regarding the cleanliness or temperature of your room, or if you find that your TV, bed, lights or other features of your room do not work properly, please let us know so that we can help.
  • For temperature or repairs, please call (608) 263-8966 (Monday-Friday, 7am-3pm) or (608) 263-5205 (nights and weekends)
  • For housekeeping, please call (608) 263-6482


Each hospital room is equipped with cable television. Please set your television volume at a comfortable hearing level so as not to disturb other patients on your floor. Most patient rooms have televisions equipped with telecaptioning for your enjoyment. If you require assistance, please check with your nurse.

Recent box office hits run on channels 15 and 17 on hospital televisions. Movies are provided in Spanish when available and begin on the hour. View hospital television channels