American Family Children's Hospital

Arrival Process at UW Health Clinics

If you have a clinic appointment at UW Health, we'd like you to know about our arrival process at UW Health clinics.
  • First, each time you have an appointment, please go directly to the registration hub identified by HouseCalls, the automated appointment reminder system, or in the appointment reminder if one was mailed to your home. 
  • Second, you may be asked to enroll using our SAFE (Secure, Accurate, Fast, Efficient) patient identification system. SAFE scans the veins in the palm of your hand and matches the image to your electronic health record in seconds. Accurately identifying you ensures that your health care team has your unique record to review and document the care you receive during your visit.Enrollment in the SAFE system is simple. We’ll ask you a few basic questions and request to see a photo ID. Then we’ll scan your palm. The entire process takes less than one minute. At subsequent visits, you’ll simply state your date of birth, scan your palm and your identity will be confirmed within seconds.
  • Third, if your insurance requires a co-pay, we will collect the co-pay at the registration desk as part of the sign-in process for your visit. Registration staff will accept cash, check or credit card payment.
Clinic Appointments at UW Hospital

If you do not know the location of the correct registration hub or if you need assist getting to your clinic location, please inquire with staff at the Information desks.


Parking validation will be available at all registration locations - your registrar will validate your parking for you at sign-in.