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Electronic Health Information Exchange

Electronic health information exchange is a process where patient medical record information can be shared between health care organizations involved in the treatment of the same patient.  The UW Health medical record is maintained on the Epic platform and utilizes two primary applications to facilitate in the sharing of patient information.


UW Health Care Link


UW Health Care Link is a web-based portal used by non-UW Health providers/clinical staff that is directly involved with patient care to access the UW Health electronic medical record for treatment purposes only. In addition, select organizations, with an approved need, may also be granted access to the UW Health patient record. 


Care Everywhere


Care Everywhere is a nationwide network of health care systems designed to share patient health information with the providers, with the goal of improving patient health. Care Everywhere is designed to enhance access to the patient's current information. Information can be downloaded to the health care organization's electronic health record for quick reference in the future.  


Care Everywhere “pulls” information by allowing providers access to a patient's electronic health record when that record is kept by another health care organization. It "pushes" information during a planned transition of care to another facility, often during a referral or discharge.  This workflow will automatically send a summary of care to the patient's primary care provider or to the referred-to provider.


Easy Access to Information


This added information will mean that the health care team will have more complete records on which to base patient's care and be better able meet health care needs in a safe, effective and timely manner. Only the health care professionals involved in the patient's care will have access to the shared information.


The information received from any of the participating health care organizations will become part of the UW Health electronic health record and may be used to provide care to the patient in the future. Each participating health care organization will use and maintain the information according to its own policies and practices.


The Types of Information Shared


The information shared depends on each organization's electronic health record system. It may include:

  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Medical, surgical, family and social history
  • Immunizations
  • Records from clinic visits
  • Records from emergency room or hospital stays
  • Test results (including HIV)
  • Diagnoses (including HIV)
  • Procedures