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Electronic Health Information Exchange

Electronic health information exchange (e-HIE) is a service for patients who receive care at more than one health care organization using electronic health record software.


If you agree to electronic release of your health information, we will ask you to sign a written authorization so that we can obtain information from organizations where you have previously received care.


Easy Access to Information


This added information will mean that your health care team will have more complete records on which to base your care and thus will be better able meet your health care needs in a safe, effective and timely manner. Only the health care professionals involved in your care will have access to the shared information.


Your consent for electronic release of your health information will remain in effect until the phase of care for which you have consented is complete. The information received from any of the participating health care organizations will become part of your electronic health record and may be used to provide care for you in the future. Each participating health care organization will use and maintain the information according to its own policies and practices.


Participating organizations may also redisclose some or all of the information as permitted by law, if it pertains to your health care. By signing the e-HIE authorization, you indicate your understanding that information released as a result of this authorization may be re-released as permitted by law.


The Types of Information Shared


The information shared depends on each organization's electronic health record system. It may include:

  • Allergies
  • Medications
  • Medical, surgical, family and social history
  • Immunizations
  • Records from visits with your doctor
  • Records from emergency room or hospital stays
  • Test results (including HIV)
  • Diagnoses (including HIV)
  • Procedures

Note: You may be asked to sign a second authorization to allow the release of treatment records about services for mental health, developmental disabilities, alcoholism, drug dependence or substance abuse. This is because Wisconsin law requires your specific consent for the release of these types of treatment records.