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UW Health Patient Stories

St. Joseph Tennis Team; Spotlight: Jeff Collins

Spotlight: Jeff Collins and the St. Joseph Academy Tennis Team


In 2009, Jeff Collins, then a UW-Madison freshman, was playing soccer when he felt his leg muscles tighten up. As time went on, the problem got worse. After mutliple referrals, doctors finally determined what was really going on - soft tissue sarcoma. Read their story

Jacob Marshall: Living with Papilloma


Jacob Marshall: Living with Papilloma


Jacob Marshall is 19 years old and he has already had more than 36 surgeries. And it's likely he will need many more. Jason suffers from a rare condition called recurrent respiratory papillomatosis, a disease that affects only three to five people out of 100,000. Watch Jason's story

Savannah Figy: Physical Therapy Helps Pediatric Cancer Patients Savanna Figy: From Survivor to Thriver


The side effects of chemotherapy had left Savannah feeling tired and unable to do anything. Thanks to physical therapy, she can now keep up with her friends and get back to being a kid. Watch Savannah's story


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