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Hip and Knee Joint Replacement Team

hip and knee joint replacement surgeonsThe team of adult reconstructive surgeons at the University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics is made up of fellowship trained surgeons with an interest in arthritis and total joint replacement. They are also full time faculty members at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.
Each physician is dedicated to delivering the best possible care for each patient who presents with hip or knee arthritis. Many treatments are available and our surgeons will select the best possible surgical or therapeutic intervention for each patient.
Our team of surgeons is involved in both clinical and basic science studies. They have written extensively in orthopedic textbooks and journals and made multiple presentations. They have developed and maintain a clinical database, which includes more than 3,500 patients who have undergone hip or knee replacement at UW Hospital and Clinics. All future patients who undergo hip or knee replacement at UW Hospital and Clinics will also be included in this database. The database allows the surgeons to carefully monitor their patients (quality control) and to perform important clinical research.
Basic science research is also important to our surgeons. They actively investigate various implant devices, bone quality after hip or knee replacement, and the treatment of infected hip and knee replacements.
Many different treatments for hip or knee arthritis are available. Based on their extensive experience, our team of surgeons will match your condition with the best implants and surgical techniques available.