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Gender-Specific Knee Replacement (For Women)

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woman with grandchildThe University of Wisconsin in Madison will be one of the first joint replacement programs in the state to offer a new knee replacement design contoured to fit the anatomical shape of women's knees.
Though women account for nearly two-thirds of the approximately 400,000 people in the U.S. who receive knee replacements each year, to date, knee replacement designs have not completely addressed the differences between the shape of men's and women's knees.
Recently, a knee replacement design has been introduced that specifically addresses these anatomical differences - the Gender Solutions™ High-Flex Knee Replacement, manufactured by Zimmer, Inc. This knee replacement design is part of the NexGen Knee system, one of the most commonly utilized knee systems in the world. This addition to the NexGen family of knee replacements provides surgeons with an improved ability to custom fit a knee replacement for specific patients - particularly for women.
At UW Health, we believe it is important to recognize the specific needs of women with knee arthritis. If you would like more information on knee replacement and the gender specific knee, please call (608) 263-4069.
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