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Fact: If a veteran needs a transplant, they must get their care from a transplant program that is approved by the Veteran's Administration.


Fact: The University of Wisconsin Transplant Program is the nation's only program authorized by the Veterans Administration to perform lung transplants, and one of only five programs throughout the United States that VA patients can go to for heart or heart-lung transplants.


Fact: for reasons that are unclear and unrelated to performance, Saint Anthony's Medical Center in Rockford, IL has petitioned the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to end its 37-year collaboration with University of Wisconsin-OPO.


Fact: If this waiver is approved, veterans and patients in this area who are awaiting lifesaving transplants face lower rates of organ donation, longer wait times for transplants and fewer resources in their fight for good health.

Take Action Now


People who care about veterans and residents in Wisconsin and Illinois are taking action to maintain high rates of organ donation and shorter wait times. Use these links to send a letter to tell tell CMS that you want to keep donation rates strong.


For Veterans | For Wisconsin Residents | For Illinois Residents