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The University of Wisconsin Organ and Tissue Donation service is located within a major academic medical center and is recognized as one of the most successful organ procurement programs in the nation. Learn more about UW Health Transplant
Aspen, a 12-year-old who is on the kidney transplant waiting list

Aspen Actively Waits for Kidney


Twelve-year-old Aspen is on the waiting list for a kidney transplant. But he's not just sitting around waiting - instead, he's doing whatever he can to help promote organ donation.


Learn about Aspen's work


Organ recipient and advocate Ted with transplant coordinatory Mary

Honoring Henry


Henry Mackaman was only 21 when he passed away from bacterial meningitis. His family shares a loving tribute to Henry as they reflect on his love of music, writing, family and friends.


Read Read Henry's story or browse our donor tributes

UW Organ and Tissue Donation: OTD cars

Driver Education


Use our organ donation toolkit to educate prospective drivers about the importance of knowing about donation options.


Learn more about our Driver Education toolkit

UW Organ and Tissue Donation: volunteers 



Donor families, recipients and anyone who is passionate about organ donation and transplantation are welcome to join the volunteer team.


Learn more about volunteering

UW Health transplant recipient Silas Ritchie

Silas Ritchie


Musician and artist Silas Ritchie documented his time on the lung transplant wait list in photography. His work is on exhibit at the Ebling Library.


Learn more


UW Organ and Tissue Donation: Organ donation tool kit

UW Organ and Tissue Donation: Transplant calendars