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About Group Prental Care


Our group prenatal care program, called CenteringPregnancy, is a great way for pregnant women to participate in their prenatal care and help ensure their baby has a healthy start to life.


CenteringPregnancy consists of 10 two-hour sessions during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. At each session, the mother-to-be has a private check-up with one of the health care professionals leading the group. We closely monitor her health as well as the baby’s development. Participants and providers then meet as a group to discuss important topics such as nutrition, labor and delivery planning, breastfeeding, newborn care and parenting.


Women tell us they like this style of prenatal care because they:

  • Have more time with a health care provider
  • Enjoy the support and friendship of other pregnant women
  • Learn from each other
  • Feel more confident about caring for a newborn

Our CenteringPregnancy groups usually are 8-12 women with similar due dates. Spouses, partners or other support people are welcome to participate, too. We offer interpreter services (any language) and groups in Spanish. In addition, child care and transportation assistance is available. CenteringPregnancy is covered by most insurance providers.


Sign Up or Get More Information


If you have questions about CenteringPregnancy or would like to sign up for an upcoming group, please contact one of these clinics:

  • UW Health
    • 20 S. Park ObGyn Clinic: (608) 287-2830
    • Arboretum ObGyn Resident Physician Clinic: (608) 287-5898
    • Arboretum Family Medicine Clinic: (608) 287-5899
    • West Towne Clinic: (608) 828-7610
  • Access Community Health Center - ACHC
    • Wingra Family Medical Clinic: (608) 263-3111

CenteringPregnancy sessions are held in Madison at these locations:

  • UW Health Arboretum Clinic, 1102 S. Park St. (Groups for Spanish speakers available)
  • UW Health West Towne Clinic, 7102 Mineral Point Rd.

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CenteringPregnancy participants explain what group prenatal care is like.



Dr. Cynthia Anderson explains how moms and babies benefit from CenteringPregnancy.