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UW Health is happy to offer CenteringPregnancy. It's a great way to learn more about pregnancy, participate in your health care and meet other women who are pregnant and due at the same time as you.


You will see your health care provider at the beginning of each group for an individual check-up, including blood pressure, weight, belly measurements and heartbeat checks. Then you will meet with your group to talk about many things, such as nutrition, preparing for labor and delivery, breastfeeding, newborn care and parenting.


Women tell us they chose this style of prenatal care because they:

  • Have more time with their health care provider
  • Enjoy the support and friendship of other pregnant women
  • Learn from each other – sharing common experiences and questions
  • Feel more confident about caring for a newborn

Our CenteringPregnancy groups usually are 8-12 women, all with similar due dates. Your partner or another supportive person is welcome to participate, too.


For more information or to sign up


CenteringPregnancy is offered at 1102 S. Park St. in Madison.

Interpreter services are available at no cost.



Why is CenteringPregnancy becoming so popular?


It gives women a chance to participate in their health care, learn how their habits contribute to their baby’s wellbeing and meet other women who are at a similar stage of pregnancy. In this video, Cynthia Anderson, MD, MPH and medical director of the UW Health Arboretum ObGyn Residency Clinic, explains how moms and babies benefit from being in a CenteringPregnancy group.