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Nutrition and Kids


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American Family Children's Hospital

Boy eating watermelonRegistered dietitians educate parents and their children on topics such as food allergies, nutritional development, gastrointestinal disorders, cancer, disordered eating behaviors and planning healthy meals and snacks. We can also provide nutrition counseling to teenagers who want to develop healthy meal plans, safely gain or lose weight, separate food myths from food facts, and learn the basics of good nutrition. Our goal is to ensure children grow up healthy and happy.
A variety of pediatric and adolescent specialized nutrition clinics are available for UW Health patients. Check with your medical provider if you need further assistance.
Internet Resources 
A wealth of information is available help you improve or maintain your child's health and nutrition needs. You should be careful to seek information only from credible sources. The following resources are recommended by your UW Health nutrition care team.
General Pediatric and Adolescent Information
The following offer general information about pediatric and adolescent health.