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May 2011

Medical Directions

This issue of Medical Directions continues our hybrid communication approach - offering a limited number of brief stories in printed form and taking advantage of Internet technology to bring you lots of additional information about UW Health services and providers.


Articles by Specialty


Featured News

UW Health Surgeon Reconstructs Young Girl's Face

John Siebert, MD, a UW Health plastic surgeon, has operated on 140 etiologies specific to Parry-Romberg, a rare condition which caused the soft tissue structures on one side of Christine Honeycutt's face to atrophy and deteriorate. Learn more


Neurology & Neurosurgery

New Approach Will Simplify Parkinson's Surgery

UW Health iMRI suite

UW Hospital and Clinics' new intra-operative MRI (iMRI) suite - the second such suite in the United States - allows neurosurgeons to perform faster and more accurate brain surgery. Read more


More Neurology and Neurosurgery News

UW Cerebrovascular Service Offers Comprehensive Resource



A Pioneer in Curing Cancer for Children

UW Health Pediatric Hematology/Oncology patient and sister

UW Health's highly renowned Pediatric Hematology/Oncology team has played an integral role in the dramatic increase of childhood cancer cure rates. Read more


More Pediatrics News

Preventive Cardiology Clinic Opens at American Family Children's Hospital



Kidney Exchange Program: New Options for Kidney Transplants

UW Health Transplant kidney exchange program patients

The UW Health Transplant Program now partners with the National Kidney Registry (NKR), a national kidney exchange program, to offer new options for kidney transplant patients. Read more


More Transplant News

Meet Dr. Kaufman, New Transplant Chief


Orthopedics and Rehabilitation

Genetic Testing for "Athletic Genes"

Young kid in catcher's gear

UW Health Sports Medicine's Dr. Alison Brooks questions the reliability of tests that purport predict a child's athletic ability and whether or not these tests are appropriate for young athletes. Read more


More Orthopedics and Rehabilitation News

Welcome Back, Dr. William Clancy


Heart, Thoracic & Vascular

VATS Lobectomy: New Minimally-Invasive Option for Lung Cancer Patients

The VATS procedure entails four small incisions in the chest and side and promises a definitive, curative procedure with much less pain and discomfort than traditional lung cancer surgery. Read more


More Heart, Thoracic and Vascular News

Hope for Families Through Inherited Arrhythmias Clinic, Stem Cell Research



Two Cords are Better than One

Dr. Mark Juckett and the Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant program at UW Hospital and Clinics is the state's only program offering double umbilical cord blood transplantation (DUCB) for adult patients. Read more


More Cancer News

A Family Affair: The Genetics of Stomach Cancer


Other News