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Sports Medicine Fitness Center Locker Room Remodeling and Pool Maintenance

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MADISON - The locker rooms, pools and showers at UW Health Sports Medicine's Fitness Center will be closed August 24-September 7 for an extensive remodeling project.
The Fitness Center remodeling will include:
  • Complete locker room renovation with a new floor plan, new lockers, new paint and updated vanity areas 
  • Pool modifications to comply with a new federal law which modifies drain systems to improve pool safety
  • Re-painting of the shower rooms
The Fitness Center is offering members the option of temporarily suspending their memberships during the renovation period.
During the remodeling the Fitness will not be closed. Members who choose not to put their memberships on hold will have access to the Fitness Center during normal hours but will not be able to use the locker rooms, pools and showers.
But in recognition of any potential inconvenience to members, Fitness Center staff has decided to offer members the opportunity to put their memberships on hold during the renovation. The Fitness Center membership expiration dates will be extended two weeks for those members who choose to suspend their memberships.
Members interesting in putting their memberships on hold between August 24 and September 7 can do so at the Research Park Clinic front desk. Those who put their memberships on hold will not have access to the Fitness Center.
Fitness Center members can call (608) 263-7936 with any questions or concerns.

Date Published: 08/14/2009

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