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You can access archived issues of our print editions of Our UW Health, Kids Connection, Medical Directions, and Advances in PDF format by selecting the links below.


Our UW Health (Formerly @UW Health)
The Our UW Health newsletter keeps you in touch with UW Health patient care news, events, awards and honors, medical breakthroughs and innovations. The print edition is produced once a year, however you can stay up-to-date on the latest news and information from UW Health when you subscribe to the monthly e-Newsletter, Our UW Health. Sign up to receive the Our UW Health e-Newsletter

@UW Health, Fall 2009 (pdf) | Web version

@UW Health, Winter 2009 (pdf)

@UW Health, Summer 2008 (pdf) | e-Newsletter Version

@UW Health, Fall 2008 (pdf) | e-Newsletter Version

@UW Health, Fall 2007 (pdf)

UW HealthLink, Spring 2007 (pdf)

UW HealthLink, Winter 2007 (pdf)

UW HealthLink, Fall 2006 (pdf)

UW HealthLink, Spring 2006 (pdf)

UW HealthLink, Fall 2005 (pdf)

UW HealthLink, Summer 2005 (pdf)

UW HealthLink, Winter 2005 (pdf)

UW HealthLink, Fall 2004 (pdf)

UW HealthLink, Spring 2004 (pdf)

UW HealthLink, Winter 2004 (pdf)

The print version of Advances is published semiannually by the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center, and is designed to highlight the exciting things happening in cancer initiatives at the University of Wisconsin.
You can also subscribe to our monthly version of Advances to stay current on the latest news and information from the UW Carbone Cancer Center. Subscribe to receive the Advances e-Newsletter


Advances, Winter 2014 (pdf)

Advances, Summer 2014 (pdf)

Advances, Winter 2013 (pdf)

Advances, Summer 2012 (pdf)

Advances, Winter 2012 (pdf)

Advances, Summer 2011 (pdf)

Advances, Winter 2011 (pdf)

Advances, Summer 2010 (pdf)

Advances, Winter 2010 (pdf)

Advances, Summer 2009 (pdf)

Advances, Winter 2009 (pdf)

Advances, Summer 2008 (pdf)

Advances, Winter 2008 (pdf)

Advances, Summer 2007 (pdf)

Advances, Winter 2007 (pdf)

Advances, Fall 2006 (pdf)

Advances, Summer 2006 (pdf)

Advances, Winter 2006 (pdf)

Advances, Summer 2005 (pdf)

Advances, Winter 2005 (pdf)

Advances, Summer 2004 (pdf)

Advances, Winter 2004 (pdf)

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Kids Connection
The print edition of Kids Connection is no longer produced, but archive versions are still available below. You can subscribe to our monthly e-Newsletter, Kids Connection, which brings you parenting tips, resources for encouraging healthy habits, patient stories and more. Subscribe to receive Kids Connection from American Family Children's Hospital.

Kids Connection, Summer 2008 (pdf)

Kids Connection, Summer 2007 (pdf)

Kids Connection, Summer 2006 (pdf)

Kids Connection, Winter 2005 (pdf)

Kids Connection, Spring 2004 (pdf)

UW Health Medical Directions
Medical Directions is a newsletter for health professionals and referring physicians, containing the latest in health care innovations and treatments at UW Health.

Medical Directions, Winter 2009 (pdf)

Medical Directions, Fall 2008 (pdf)

Medical Directions, Summer 2007 (pdf)

Medical Directions, Winter 2007 (pdf)

Medical Directions, Fall 2006 (pdf)

Medical Directions, Spring 2006 (pdf)

Medical Directions, Winter 2006 (pdf)

Medical Directions, Fall 2005 (pdf)

Medical Directions, Winter 2005 (pdf)

Medical Directions, Summer 2004 (pdf)

Medical Directions, Spring 2004 (pdf)