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Cooking Outside the Box with Executive Chef John Marks

Watch Chef John prepare Spaghetti Squash with Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce

Cooking Outside the Box


Cooking fast, healthy and flavorful meals can be a challenge. Too often busy families rely on pre-packaged ingredients to make a meal. 


UW Hospital and Clinics' executive chef, John Marks, has strategies to help even the busiest cooks prepare fresh and delicious food.


Cooking Outside the Box with Chef John




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This issue of Our UW Health offers information and resources to help you and your family maintain a health lifestyle, no matter your age.


Mother and Baby; Protect your child from whooping cough by getting immunized

Protect Your Child From Whooping Cough by Getting Immunized


Whooping cough, a bacterial disease characterized by a violent, debilitating cough, is making a comeback. Adults can help prevent spreading the disease to their children by getting themselves immunized.


Read more and watch Dr. James Conway's video series about whooping cough

UW Med Flight Helicopters; Med Flight Memories: Celebrating 25 Years

Med Flight Memories: Celebrating 25 Years


Since UW Health's emergency medical helicopter, UW Med Flight, began 25 years ago, it has changed the lives of thousands of people across the region, including the staff who have offered their special kind of medicine.


Read Med Flight memories | Watch a historical slideshow

Heart beat; New Cardio-oncology clinic bridges important gap

New Cardio-Oncology Clinic Bridges an Important Gap


Treating the whole patient requires a different perspective. For cancer patients, certain medications can temporarily impair a patient's heart function. That's why UW Health offers a new cardio-oncology clinic to work with patients facing heart disease and cancer at the same time.


Read more | Watch Dr. Steven Ewer discuss the clinic





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