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UW Health SMPH
American Family Children's Hospital


There are several events around the state that support UW Health and our programs. Find out what's happening in your community through the events below.


3/06/2015BadgerThon Dance Marathon
3/07/2015Charity Jamboree 2015
3/09/2015Moving Forward - Navigating the Internet for Health Information
3/11/2015Mind Over Matter, Brain Over Bladder: Secrets to Maintaining a Healthy Pelvic Floor
3/15/2015St. Patrick's Day Parade
3/19/2015Better With Age: What is a Bone Attack and How Can You Prevent One?
3/19/2015Challenging the Norm: Fostering Ethics
3/23/2015Baseball Coaches' Clinic
3/24/2015Open Forum Educational Session: Nutrition
3/28/2015KIDS Skating For KIDS Youth Hockey Tournament
3/28/2015Midwest Young Adult Cancer Conference
3/30/2015Cancer: The Emperor of All Maladies Documentary
4/13/2015Moving Forward - I Don't Want to Move!
4/14/2015Wisconsin Institutes for Medical Research Tours
4/16/2015Better With Age: Strokes 101
4/17/2015Free Oral Head and Neck Cancer Screening
4/25/2015Crazylegs Classic
4/28/2015Open Forum Educational Session: Summer Camp
4/29/2015American Family Children's Hospital Radiothon
4/30/2015Living Well with Heart Failure
5/02/2015Brain Tumors: Frontiers in Care and Caregiving
5/02/2015Bulldog Stomp 5K Cancer Run/Walk
5/07/2015Living Well with Heart Failure
5/09/2015Explore The Voice
5/09/2015Pedaling For Pancreas Cancer 2015
5/11/2015Moving Forward - How to Live Well and Purposefully with Chronic Illness
5/14/2015Living Well with Heart Failure
5/15/2015The Healing Power of Compassion
5/16/2015Aly's Honky Tonk Hustle
5/21/2015Better With Age: Top 10 Ways to Prevent Falling
5/21/2015Living Well with Heart Failure
5/26/2015Open Forum Educational Session: Genetics and Cancer
5/28/2015Living Well with Heart Failure
5/28/2015Living Well with Heart Failure
6/04/2015Living Well with Heart Failure
6/06/2015Ride for Research
6/07/2015Andy North and Friends Golf Getaway
6/08/2015Moving Forward - Let's Talk Sex
6/13/2015Badger State Tractor Pullers Benefit For American Family Children's Hospital
6/14/2015Mike and Jessica McCarthy Golf Invitational
6/18/2015Better With Age: Surviving A Hospitalization
6/19/201517th Annual Alien Golf Outing
7/06/2015Moving Forward - Resilience and Flexibility in the Face of Change
7/16/2015Better With Age: Honoring Choices
7/17/2015Tomorrow's Hope Walk Fest
7/26/2015Frank "Foxman" Muth 12th Annual Golf Outing
8/10/2015Moving Forward - Communication Strategies
8/20/2015Better With Age: Medications You Take
9/14/2015Moving Forward - What's New in Parkinson's Disease Research?
9/17/2015Better With Age: Managing Your Medications
10/12/2015Moving Forward - Deep Brain Stimulation: Is It For Me?
10/15/2015Better With Age: The Science of Comfort
11/09/2015Moving Forward - I Can't See!
11/19/2015Better With Age: Creative Coping with Chronic Disease
12/17/2015Better With Age