American Family Children's Hospital


There are several events around the state that support UW Health and our programs. Find out what's happening in your community through the events below.


2/06/2016Piano Playathon
2/13/2016UW Carbone Cancer Center Community Open House
2/18/2016Better With Age: 10 Things You Should Know About Aging
2/19/2016A Community Discussion About Alzheimer's Disease
2/19/2016Effective Strategies for Engaging African-American Older Adults in Clinical Research
2/20/2016Curl Versus Cancer
2/20/2016Free Memory Screenings
2/22/2016Moving Forward: Why Am I Constipated?
2/23/2016Open Forum Educational Session: Immunotherapy
3/05/2016The Charity Jamboree
3/06/2016Bowlin' for Colons
3/17/2016Better With Age: Taking an Active Role in Your Health Care
3/28/2016Moving Forward: Testing Your Brain Function
3/30/2016Taking Your Baseball Coaching to the Next Level
4/21/2016Better With Age: Don't Fall Down
4/22/2016Free Head and Neck Cancer Screening
4/23/2016Pathways to Brain Tumor Care Workshop
4/25/2016Moving Forward: Why Do I Fall?
5/11/2016The Feature Invitational at PGA West
5/18/2016Better With Age: Cataracts
5/20/2016The Healing Power of Sustainable Compassion Training
5/23/2016Moving Forward: New Treatments for Speech and Swallowing Issues
6/12/2016Mike and Jessica McCarthy Golf Invitational
6/27/2016Moving Forward: What's New in Parkinson's Disease Research?
7/21/2016Better With Age: Mind Over Matter, Brain Over Bladder
7/25/2016Moving Forward: Parkinson's Medications
8/02/2016Sari Zirbel Memorial Golf Outing
8/22/2016Moving Forward: I Don't Care! Depression, Anxiety and Apathy
9/15/2016Better With Age: Sleep
9/26/2016Moving Forward: Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS): Is It for Me?
10/01/2016Carbone's Race for Research 5K Run/Walk
10/06/2016Boxers and Bras Madison
10/24/2016Moving Forward: What Keeps You From Sleeping Well?
11/28/2016Moving Forward: Essential Tremor