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Don't Think Twice If Your Child Needs Emergency Care

UW Health Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician Michael Kim, MDMadison, Wisconsin - You are watching your daughter playing softball one evening, when suddenly she is hit in the head by a line drive.


It is after hours. Your child is in serious pain and you are very worried. You head straight to the Emergency Department at the American Family Children's Hospital at 1675 Highland Ave. in Madison.


Once you arrive, you check in and are told that your child will be attended to by a physician who specializes in pediatric emergency medicine.


You are also quickly put at ease by a Certified Child Life Specialist, who has just the right touch in helping your child and family cope with an often stressful Emergency Department experience.


"We know that taking care of kids is very different from caring for adults," says Michael Kim, MD, director of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at American Family Children's Hospital. "Ours is the only hospital in the region with specially trained pediatric emergency medicine physicians. Moreover, the Children's Hospital has an array of 150 pediatric specialists for any medical or surgical needs that may surface with your child."

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Aside from Dr. Kim, pediatric emergency specialists include Greg Rebella, MD, Joshua Ross, MD and James Svenson, MD.


"Be it understanding injuries, reading X-rays or controlling pain, our Pediatric Emergency Medicine team understands the unique needs of injured or acutely ill kids," says Dr. Ross. "Parents really appreciate that."


Dr. Ross also notes that as the only verified pediatric and adult Level One Trauma Center in the area, the UW's Emergency Department provides patients with the most advanced and comprehensive care available.


Unlike other area hospitals, American Family Children's Hospital has Child Life specialists trained to help patients cope with hospitalization, diagnosis and treatment by using play, procedure preparation and support, and other elements of distraction to promote a positive hospital experience and maintain a sense of normalcy.


"Parents and kids find that a calm, supportive voice really eases the anxiety in difficult situations," says Child Life Manager Julie Auenson.

Parents faced with an actual emergency should, of course, contact their pediatrician and/or call 911 as soon as possible. You may be told that it is safer for your child to first be stabilized in a local emergency department before being transported to Madison for specialty care. In such cases, American Family Children's Hospital provides Med Flight (helicopter) or Critical Care Transport (ambulance) transportation to Madison - day or night.



Date Published: 06/21/2011

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