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Annual Fall Conference Examines Massage Therapy for Cancer Patients

Madison, Wisconsin - The UW Carbone Cancer Center's 10th annual professional education conference, Advances in Multidisciplinary Cancer Care on October 21, will focus on integrative medicine and cancer care. Among the subjects that will be explored is how massage therapy can be beneficial for cancer patients.


Massage and bodywork therapy can assist cancer patients with pain and dysfunction. It can be a positive addition to those seeking to live a healthier lifestyle. Benefits include the reduction of stress and muscle tension, relief from the symptoms of chronic pain and an enhanced immune system.


Massage Therapy and Cancer Care


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Research studies show that massage and bodywork therapy is a safe and effective means of helping patients cope with the possible adverse side effects of drug therapy and other cancer treatments, including surgery. Many doctors recommend massage therapy as part of a healthy approach to living with cancer.


UW Health Integrative Medicine has highly skilled and experienced massage therapists available in a number of settings to offer support to cancer patients, as well as others that might be interested. Services are available for inpatients at the UW and American Family Children's Hospitals, as well as for outpatients at the UW Health Research Park and Odana Atrium Clinics.


Date Published: 08/03/2011

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