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Neuroendovascular Surgery Conditions and Treatments

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Neuroendovascular surgery (NES) at UW Health in Madison, Wisconsin, is an innovative neurosurgical treatment for complex brain and spinal cord vascular diseases that is performed from inside the blood vessels.


About Neuroendovascular Surgery


Also known as endovascular neurosurgery, neurointerventional surgery, endovascular surgical neuroradiology and interventional neuroradiology, neuroendovascular surgery involves advancing small hollow tubes (catheters) and small devices through arteries and veins.


Many of the treatments are performed entirely endovascularly (inside the vessels), with no other treatment necessary. In other cases the endovascular treatment is preoperative prior to open neurosurgery. Preoperative tumor embolization is an example of this.


Patient Education Images


The following pages feature visual depictions of procedures performed by our Neuroendovascular Surgery team.