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Question 2

2. Have you talked with doctors, nurses and others involved in your care about your plan for going home?
It is important for you and the health care team to have a plan for your care. Just as important, you need to have a plan for going home. You and your family or support persons play a key role in creating this plan and getting ready for discharge from the hospital.
Once your doctor shares with you that you are ready for discharge, there are things that need to be done before you can leave the hospital. These tasks may take a few hours. Understanding the process helps you plan ahead.
To prepare for going home, you need to discuss the following items with your health care team: 
  • Your doctor will prescribe your discharge instructions. This can include medications and follow-up care.
  • Your nurse will review the medication(s) - their name, purpose, dose, route and side effects. If you are unclear about how to pay for your medicines, you should talk with your nurse.
  • Your nurse and other people involved in your care will talk with you about your plan for discharge including follow-up visits.
  • You will need to arrange for transportation or ask for help in planning your ride home. Many people arrange this with their family members or friends. If you need help with this, be sure to let your nurses know well in advance.
  • You will need to collect your belongings. Some of your belongings may have been kept in a storage room, so be sure you get those items before leaving the hospital. 
As you prepare for discharge, talk with your doctor, nurse or other people involved in your care. Let us know how we can help you have a smooth transition from our hospital to your home.