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Tips for Recognizing Drug Abuse in Teens

Deaths related to the deadly and addictive drug heroin are on the rise among teens in Wisconsin, leading government and police officials to search for ways to get a handle on this disturbing trend. Recently, UW Health emergency services staff attended a summit with city of Madison Police Department to share strategies.

But any effective drug control strategy starts, not with law enforcement, but with parents. In the following series of videos, Stephanie Steinman, an AODA counselor with UW Health's Gateway Recovery service, offer tips to parents on how they can recognize the signs and symptoms that suggest their teenager has a drug problem, and what they should do about it.


Stephanie Steinman, AODA Counselor


Stephanie Steinman discusses the signs and prevalence of heroin addiction in teens.



UW Health AODA Counselor Stephanie Steinman   Stephanie Steinman, UW Health AODA Counselor
Stephanie Steinman describes the signs and symptoms of drug abuse   Stephanie Steinmann discusses the prevalance of heroin addiction