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Treatment for Varicose Veins and General Venous Disease, Cosmetic Procedures

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The Transformations Clinic and Transformations Surgery Center, Inc., are located on the far west side of Madison, in Middleton, Wisconsin
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toes dipping in the water, treatment for spider veins, varicose veinsVaricose veins and general venous disease is treated by expert vein surgeons at UW Health Transformations in Madison, Wisconsin, leaving patients with minimal pain and scarring. It is estimated that almost half of the adult female population are troubled by varicose veins and general venous disease.
Heredity, pregnancy, weight gain hormonal shifts and certain occupations may contribute to the formation of small veins that lie close to the surface of the skin.
UW Health Transformations physicians in Madison, Wisconsin, use a variety of procedures to remove the protrusion of such veins. Our staff will find the appropriate procedure and technique for you, and we will carefully walk you through the process beforehand.
Frequently Asked Questions
How does laser treatment for spider veins work?
Advances in medicine now make it possible for physicians to supplement surgical treatment with laser technology, leaving patients with minimal pain and scarring. With laser treatments, a high-energy beam of light transfers energy into select areas of tissue, treating damaged skin while preserving healthy tissue.

Laser treatment can now treat spider veins and uncomfortable side effects associated with venous disease.
During a procedure, which lasts between 15 and 20 minutes, a physician targets a very strong burst of light onto the problem areas, making veins fade slowly and disappear. The patient may find that the intense heat given off by the laser is painful, but this pain should subside immediately following treatment.

Patients with severe varicose veins may benefit from minimally invasive endovenous treatment, where doctors insert a small tube called a catheter into the vein. The catheter then sends out radiofrequency energy that shrinks and seals the vein wall.
Afterward, healthy veins surrounding the sealed vein restore the leg's normal blood flow, shrinking surrounding varicose and spider veins. Often, minimal office treatments are required to complete treatment for larger veins.
What should I expect following laser treatment for spider veins?
Patients may resume all normal activity immediately after laser treatments. Two to five treatments may be necessary, depending on the severity of the veins.

Possible side effects include redness or swelling of the skin after treatment that should subside within a few days or skin discoloration that disappears up to six months post treatment. Endovenous laser therapy may also cause minor bruising. In rare cases, patients may experience burning and scarring.