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Cosmetic Laser Services for Wrinkles

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Cosmetic Laser Services: Our Doctors
The Transformations Clinic and Transformations Surgery Center, Inc., are located on the far west side of Madison, in Middleton, Wisconsin
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woman's face, Cosmetic Laser Services for Wrinkles, UW Health Transformations Plastic Surgery, Madison, WisconsinThe UW Health Transformations cosmetic laser experts in Madison, Wisconsin, offer a broad array of cosmetic laser services to treat wrinkles, scars and age spots.
The objective of most skin resurfacing techniques is to remove wrinkles or scars, age spots and rejuvenate the skin. The earliest procedures involved removal of skin layers (dermabrasion) or the application of various chemicals to the skin (chemical peels). In the mid 1990s, lasers became popular for treating skin conditions. The most common lasers used were carbon dioxide and erbium.
In simple terms, lasers work by delivering a light of a pure, single color to the skin. The part of the skin targeted by the laser is directly correlated to the color of the laser light and the color of the target in the skin. Newer technology has altered traditional lasers or employed other types of energy such as plasma.
Erbium Fractional Skin Resurfacing
The Starlux-1540 is a skin-rejuvenating laser that emits fractionated light. That is, instead of a solid beam of light that is emitted by most lasers, fractionated light consists of hundreds of micro beams. By introducing micro beams of light, each treatment zone is small and there is no apparent damage to the skin.
However, microscopically, at each zone that has been subjected to a micro beam of light, the depth of treatment is as it appears with standard laser rejuvenation. Most importantly, fractionated rejuvenation is much safer, without the side effects and complications that can be associated with non-fractionated rejuvenation.
The Starlux-1540 laser introduces micro beams of laser light deep into the skin. With each treatment, the skin is subjected to tens-of-thousands of beams of laser light. During subsequent treatments, the laser treats the intervening zones that were not previously treated.

The two advantages of fractionated treatment is that it is non-ablative - that is, there is minimal or no "downtime" - and almost all areas of skin can be treated - treatment is not limited to the face. However, by fractionating the treatment, several sessions are required. Usually, up to 6 treatments are required at intervals of 3 weeks or greater.
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CO2 Fractional Laser
  • What it treats: The fractional CO2 laser is a new highly advanced laser for rejuvenation of the skin. This laser helps to reduce skin pigment irregularities, such as sunspots or freckles. The laser also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines of the skin. Used at a higher setting, the laser can also improve the appearance of acne scars or deeper wrinkles.
  • How it works: The laser uses advanced technology to improve the skin in two ways:
    • First, the outer layer of skin is removed. This helps give the skin a fresher look. It also helps to remove sunspots.
    • The laser also treats the deeper layers of skin. This aspect of the treatment causes the skin to grow more collagen and elastin. As your skin remodels from this treatment, there is a gradual improvement in the fine lines of the skin. The greater the power used in the treatment, the more collagen and elastic is grown.
  • The treatment process: Patients arrive to the clinic about 30 minutes prior to their treatment. A topical numbing cream is applied. During the treatment, the patient wears protective eyewear. A special device is used to help chill the skin during the treatment to minimize discomfort. To treat the entire face takes about 30 minutes. When the treatment is complete, iced towels are applied. The skin is then coated with sterile Vaseline and the treatment is complete. Most patients need at least 2 treatments spaced about 8 weeks apart.
  • Recovery: A moderate treatment will result in recovery time of about 4-5 days. A more significant treatment can require healing time of up to a week. Patients often feel just fine the next day, but their skin will look red and sunburned during the recovery process.

Infra-Red Skin Tightening
The Palomar LUX IR Fractional Handpiece sends infrared light pulses deep into the muscles and joints. In the process, the light penetrates the deeper layers of the skin, (the dermis) where it creates a carefully controlled area of elevated temperature. This technology has shown to trigger a biological response which leads to collagen remodeling in the skin.
Remodeled collagen can smooth out fine wrinkles and tighten sagging skin. Deep heating with infrared light stimulates increased collagen production, creating long term results. The LUX IR's infrared light is delivered as an array of small regularly spaced beams, with depth of treatment ranging from 1-3 milimeters into the deep dermis.
This Fractional Heating creates a lattice of treated islets, with each islet surrounded by unaffected tissue. Fractional Deep Heating is a much safer method of treatment than uniform heating because the overheated islets do not cause bulk damage of the target area. In addition, subsequent regeneration of skin and new collagen expression from neighboring healthy tissue during the healing process provides a quicker remodeling process, with limited downtime for our patients.
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