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Volunteer Opportunities

At UW Health, our volunteers play an important role in the overall success of our organization.

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UW Health Volunteer Positions

  • Not all positions are currently available.
  • * indicates positions available to 16 and 17 year olds.
  • ~ indicates positions requiring previous experience.
  • +1 indicates positions requiring a one-year commitment.
  • x indicates positions with limited patient contact.

Advance Medical Directives

Assist staff with informational booths and handouts to assist patients in filling out proper forms. 


The Art in Health Care volunteer position helps make the hospital more beautiful and patient-friendly.Art in Health Care

Assist Artist-in-Residence with projects throughout hospital. (Must be artist, art major, or former art student.)


Carewear Host

Providing retail service and support to patients, visitors, and staff. (Women only.)


Communion Distribution

Catholic volunteers are specially trained by their parish for this job and further trained by ministers.


Daily Friendly Visitor ~

Provide a friendly visit to long term patients or to those who have family living far away.


Dogs On Call
Provides therapeutic interactions between Pet Partner-certified dogs and some patients. Learn more at the Dogs On Call website.


Emergency Department (ED) Patient/Family Liaison +1

Providing human contact and support to patients and families during times of extraordinary stress.


Two volunteers at American Family Children's Hospital

Flower and e-Card Delivery*

Deliver flowers, gift arrangements, and E-Cards to patients in the hospital.


Gift Shop*

Interact with patients, visitors, and staff by assisting customers, answering questions, operating a cash register (training is provided) and helping to maintain an attractive display of items.


Heart and Vascular Care Greeter*

Provide support and information to patients, family as they arrive and support the Heart and Vascular Care staff.


Inpatient Unit Host

Offer support to patients and nursing staff by answering call lights, passing meal trays, filling out meal menus, distributing patient mail, greeting families and escorting discharged patients to main entrance. Inpatient Unit Hosts are currently located on the following units:

  • Acute Medical and Progressive Care
  • Burn
  • Cardiac
  • Care Initiation
  • Family Practice Service and Forensics
  • General Medicine/Geriatrics
  • General Surgery/Bariatrics
  • Gynecology/Urology/Plastics/ENT
  • Heart and Vascular Progressive Care
  • Hematology/Oncology/Bone Marrow Transplant x
  • Neurosurgery ICU or Inpatient Unit
  • Orthopedics
  • Transplant
  • Trauma

Lab Host General Clinic and Cancer Center at University Hospital and West Clinic

Provide customer service to patients visiting the lab, offer help, and escort to next appointment.


UW Health volunteer talking to a patient.Main Information Desk at University Hospital and UW Health at The American Center*

The Main Information Desk is the first stopping place for inpatients and visitors. Assist staff in offering immediate, courteous attention and directions to patients, visitors and callers.


Musical Medicine*

Provide musical entertainment on Inpatient Units and in public areas. (Audition required.)


Navigator at University Hospital and UW Health at The American Center

Greet patients and visitors as they arrive, provide directions to locations around the hospital, escort visitors and patients to the appropriate locations, and provide any other needed assistance.


Nursing Operations Support/Resource Center

Assist staff in nursing office with light clerical jobs and assorted duties.


Nutrition Services

Assist with special projects and administrative support. (Must be a nutrition student or a retired nutritionist.)


Occupational Therapy and OT/PT Hand Clinic at University Hospital and Park Street

Provide office, inpatient, and clinical support. (Must be OT student or retired OT.)


Outpatient Clinics

Volunteers at UW Health outpatient clinicsAnticipate patient needs to assure a pleasant experience: assist with escorting, answering phones, charting, and running errands necessary for the smooth operation of a clinic.

  • Digestive Health Center
  • First Day Surgery/Ambulatory Surgery Center
  • Infusion Center
  • Orthopedics
  • Orthotics Clinic (Middleton)
  • Otolaryngology (ENT)
  • Pediatric (University Station) x
  • Procedure Center
  • Radiology Oncology
  • Transplant Clinic* x
  • Urgent Care East and West Clinics*
  • Waisman Center

Pharmacy at University Hospital, East and West Clinics, Park Street, University Station*

Greet patients and visitors, offer assistance, and answer non-medical questions. Training provided.


Our STaR volunteers provide personal interaction with the geriatric patient population.Psychiatric Unit

Help run evening or weekend activities for groups of patients on the unit. Further training provided. 


Physical Therapy at University Hospital, Middleton, East Clinic, Sports Medicine Center and Park Street

Assist staff with assigned elementary patient activities, maintaining equipment, transportation of patients in wheelchairs, and occasional clerical duties. (Must be PT student or retired PT.)


Psychiatric Unit - Inpatient
Help with activity groups for patients. Training will be provided.


STaR Program~

Provide personal interaction through Singing, Talking and Reminiscing (STaR) with the geriatric patients.


TLC Waiting Room and Unit~

Provide information and support to family and friends in the TLC Waiting Room and on the unit. 


Wigs Salon 

Volunteers assist cancer patients with choice, fitting and care of wigs, turbans, and scarves.

American Family Children's Hospital Volunteer Positions

  • Not all positions are currently available.
  • * indicates positions available to 16 and 17 year olds.
  • ~ indicates positions requiring previous experience.
  • +1 indicates positions requiring a one-year commitment.
  • x indicates positions with limited patient contact.

American Family Children's Hospital volunteer cleaning toys.Buddy~

Pair up with patients to provide a familiar and friendly face, as well as consistency and predictability in their hospital stays as buddy visits become a part of their daily schedule.


Child Life +1

Help staff provide age appropriate activities in one of the following areas at the Children’s Hospital: Third Floor Surgery, Diagnostic Therapy Center, Emergency Room, Pediatric Specialty Clinic.


Family Meals/Frozen Treats

Assist in setting up, serving, and cleaning up the family meal and treats.


Fitness Clinic

Help exercise physiologists during the after-school fitness program.


Hospital School

Volunteer at UW Health's Hospital School.Assist teachers with tutoring school-age and teen patients in the hospital. Positions only available during school year. Retired teachers preferred.


Inpatient Rehabilitation Services

Help meet rehab needs by assisting staff with therapy treatments, preparation for treatments and cleaning/organizing equipment and therapy rooms. (Prefer PT students or retired PT.)


Kohl's Safety Center*

Assist staff with stocking and organizing. Educate customers and assist with purchases of home safety products, car seats, and bike helmets.


Pet Pals

Pet Pal visits bring trained dogs to American Family Children's Hospital to help children and their families minimize pain and emotional trauma associated with hospitalization.



Assist staff with stocking, greeting customers, answering questions and providing support.


Reach Out and Read

Read to children to help make literacy promotion a standard part of pediatric primary care so that children grow up with books and a love of reading. Positions available at American Family Children's Hospital and Madison-area clinics.


American Family Children's Hospital volunteer reading to young patient.Teen Patient Activity

Assist Child Life and nursing staff in offering age-appropriate activities to teen in lounge and at bedside.


Tyler's Place Sibling Care Center 

Help meet the psychosocial and emotional needs of siblings by leading small group activities in Tyler's Place.


Unit Volunteer +1 (P4, P5, P8 NICU~ and PICU~)

Assist nurses and unit staff on a variety of tasks including bedside visits, playroom activities and upkeep.



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