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Current Volunteers - Undergraduate Students

Volunteer Contact Information

(608) 263-6046

At UW Health, our volunteers play an important role in the overall success of our organization. They assist patients, their families, and visitors to our facilities and are valued members of the health care team.


Current undergraduate student volunteers are subject to regulatory requirements for annual Safety and Infection Control (SIC) training, flu shots and TB skin testing. Descriptions of these requirements can be found below. UW Health provides free flu shots each fall. The schedule will be posted as we receive it. Starting in August of 2016 volunteers can fill out the Annual TB Update in lieu of an annual TB skin test.


Get Your Flu Shot

  • The influenza shot is free and required for all staff and volunteers at UW Health.
  • UW-Madison student volunteers may also get their flu shots at University Health Services.
  • If you receive your flu shot elsewhere, please send documentation to UW Health Volunteer Services.
  • If you have questions regarding flu shots or TB tests please contact Employee Health Services at 608-263-7535.

Current Volunteer Resources

Current Undergraduate Volunteer FAQ


When should I sign up for the next semester?


When you have your final schedule for the upcoming semester, send Volunteer Services an e-mail stating your day and time availability and where you would like to volunteer. Typically, this is the timeline:

  • For the fall semester, we start scheduling in July and end September 15
  • For the spring semester, we start scheduling in November and end January 31
  • For the summer semester, we start scheduling in April and end June 1

Why is there a timeline for scheduling volunteer shifts?


The reason we have a timeline is to ensure that our volunteers are able to get a full semester of volunteering in. The volunteering process is complex and takes time. It also takes time for the hospital staff to train each new volunteer. Therefore, it does not make sense to place a volunteer who will only be able to volunteer for a small part of a semester.


Why do I need to pick an end date?


In the majority of cases for college students, class schedules changes from semester to semester. Usually there is a need to change the day or time of volunteering or even where you volunteer in order to make it fit with your schedule. We have you pick an end date so that we know when a slot will open up.


If I am going to be in town for winter or summer break, do I still need an end date?


Yes. However, you may be able to start your next semester spot early, such as in December for the spring semester or May for the summer semester.


Who can I ask about anything pertaining to Volunteer Services?


Our staff is happy to answer any questions you may have. Our phone number is (608) 263-6046 and our e-mail address is


I don't have my name badge yet. Can I volunteer?


No. You cannot volunteer without your name badge for security reasons.


What if I decide I can't volunteer anymore?


Please call or e-mail Volunteer Services to let us know. It is also important to let your supervisor know.


Whom do I need to contact to change my volunteer placement/day/time?


Contact Volunteer Services when you need to change anything about your volunteer job. You must notify Volunteer Services about any changes.


What do I do when I am unable to make my volunteer shift?


As soon as possible call your supervisor to let him/her know. After that, send an e-mail to Volunteer Services about your absence, let them know you contacted your supervisor and please state where you are volunteering.


Does my supervisor know....

  • Where to pick up my name badge?
  • Where to buy a polo?
  • How to use the sign-in computer?
  • When I need to update my TB test?

No, not usually. For these questions and other similar ones, please contact Volunteer Services.


Will I get a response from Volunteer Services faster if I e-mail and call? How long should I wait to receive a response?


No, we would rather you don't do both as this will lead to delays because of the number of inquiries we receive. Please send us an e-mail or contact us by phone. E-mail is the preferred method of communication. Volunteer Services responds to e-mail and phone calls on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please allow up to five days for a response, as there are certain times of the year when the volume of inquiries makes it difficult to respond immediately.


What do I do if I lose my name badge?


If you lose your name badge, please let Volunteer Services know and be prepared to pay $12 to replace it.


Should I keep copies of my medical documentation?


Yes. Keeping copies of your medical documentation (such as TB tests, vaccine records and titers) will make it easier for you if you ever need to provide that documentation in the future for schools, jobs, or other volunteer organizations.