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Foundations of Management

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The UW Medical Foundation's Foundations of Management program is designed to develop leaders and future leaders of the organization in order to support the UW Medical Foundation mission, vision and values.


Leadership support of this mission and of the employees who support this mission is critical to the organization's success.


Recent Program Presentations


The topics below comprised recent components of UW Medical Foundation's Foundations of Management program.


Title  Topics  Presenters 
Spotlight: Leadership  UW Medical Foundation leadership philosophy 

Jeff Grossman, MD and Bill Schrum 

Successful Medical/Administrative Partnerships 

Panel presentations

Discussion challenges

What makes them work?  

Pete Christman, Rich Welnick, MD, Steve Sibley, Betsy Trowbridge, MD and Jason Tate 
The Business of Health Care 

Health care form and reform

"Managing" care

Competitive advantages  

Pete Christman, Terry Bolz and Connie Kinsella 
Spotlight: Public Affairs/Marketing 

Integrating the functions

Communicating the messages

Public policy programs  

Beth Zaher, Ron Gilmore and Becky Broering 
Finance 101 

Funds flow

Comp plans


Bob Flannery 
Leadership Spotlight: Community Leader

The Role of UW Health in Madison

Community connectedness

Responsiveness to the public

Jennifer Alexander 
Spotlight: Quality 

Theories and tools of quality

Developing predictors for future outcomes

Communicating the business impact  

Sue Ertl and Sally Kraft, MD 
Leading Learning Organizations 

Creating personal mastery

Surfacing mental models

Developing shared vision

Aligning team learning  

Jeff Grossman, MD and Bill Schrum  

Health Care Information Management 

Health Link

Information Systems at UW Medical Foundation  

Sandy Clark 
Spotlight: UW Health System 

Regionalization and affiliations

Outreach services   

Mike Dallman
Project Planning/Management 

Materials management

Facilities management

Equipment management  

Theresa Soik 
Human Resources Management 

The life cycle of employment

Recruitment > Selection > Retention > Development > Assessment > Adjustment

Kari Potter
Leadership Spotlight: Community Board Member 

Bringing the community voice to the boardroom  

Fritz Wenzel and Jim Burgess
Legal and Compliance 

Business ethics

Conflicts of interest

Health care regulating bodies   

Claudia Saunders and Mary Waldo
Systems Thinking

The UW Health strategic plan

Shared vision to the front lines  

Bill Schrum
Putting It All Together: Recognition Celebration    Bill Schrum and Michelle Fellenz