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For more information about pharmacy technicians at UW Hospital and Clinics, contact Human Resources at (608) 261-0040.
UW Health pharmacy technicians regularly work with an interdisciplinary health care team on behalf of the patient. By working with pharmacists, nurses, physicians and other providers, pharmacy technicians help achieve the best care for the patient while enjoying a well-rounded position in a challenging environment.
"Without them, patient care would suffer," says Steve Rough, University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics director of pharmacy services. "They get to make a difference at a technical level with making sure the drug products are prepared accurately in a timely fashion to meet patient care."
While pharmacists ultimately review and approve all physician orders, pharmacy technicians assure these orders are entered into the software systems accurately. With more responsibility than ever before, UW Health relies on its technicians to manage the technology and make sure pharmacy orders are correct.
"Pharmacy technicians are an essential part of the pharmaceutical process," says Carrie Boeckelman, pharmacy manager at UW Health Monona Clinic. "Their careful handling of prescription orders makes their role indispensable to patients seeking quality care."
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