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UW Health SMPH
American Family Children's Hospital

UW Health has developed a network of health care facilities throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois to offer our specialty care locally. To see whether a UW Health provider visits a clinic or hospital in your city, select the city in which you wish to be seen.
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Johnson Creek

UW Health Clinics

UW Cancer Center Johnson Creek
250 Doctors Ct.
Johnson Creek, WI 53038

Medical Oncology Clinic (920) 699-3500 Providers
Radiation Oncology Clinic (920) 699-3500 Providers

Regional Specialty Clinics

UW Health Partners Johnson Creek Clinic
540J Village Walk Lane
Johnson Creek, WI 53038

Allergy Clinic (Adult and Pediatric) (800) 489-6008 Providers
Cardiac Surgery Clinic (920) 699-6200 Providers
Hepatobiliary Pancreas Clinic (608) 699-6200 Providers
Pediatric Cardiovascular Medicine Clinic (920) 699-6200 Providers
Rheumatology Clinic (920) 699-6200 Providers
Thoracic Surgery (920) 699-6200 Providers
Thyroid Clinic (920) 699-6200 Providers
Urology Clinic (920) 699-6200 Providers

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