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Internet Resources - Type 2 Diabetes Prevention

UW Health Diabetes Management: Man lifting weightsA wealth of information is available on the Web to help you live with and manage your diabetes.
But as with anything you can find online, you should be careful to seek information only from credible sources.
The following Internet resources regarding prevention of Type 2 diabetes are recommended by your UW Health diabetes care team:

Diabetes Risk Test: Could you have diabetes and not know it? A risk assessment tool from the American Diabetes Association.

Small Steps. Big Rewards - Prevent Type 2 Diabetes: a resource from the National Diabetes Education Program designed to spread an important message of hope to the millions of Americans with pre-diabetes.

Game Plan Booklet - Your Game Plan to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes: A resource from the National Diabetes Education Program that includes small steps for eating healthy foods, small steps for getting more physical activity and a food and activity tracker.