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Active Living and Learning for Diabetes Prevention

Contact Information

Laura Pady-Porter, MS, Clinical Exercise Physiologist

(608) 262-9905

Active Living and Learning for Diabetes Prevention is a program of lifestyle change through self-management based on the successful National Institutes of Health Diabetes Prevention Program.
The program's purpose is to prevent or reverse Type 2 diabetes in people with a borderline blood sugar or recently diagnosed Type 2 diabetes through:
  • Regular exercise - 150 minutes or more per week
  • Weekly education about healthy eating and exercise, and
  • Weight loss equivalent to 5-7 percent of body weight 
Program Content
The year-long program involves an initial personal evaluation and assessment, weekly group classes for the first 12 weeks, a mid-session assessment, monthly group classes for an additional eight months and a final assessment. The two-hour classes are led by exercise, nutrition and behavior experts and include:
  • One hour of education about diet, behavior change and exercise
  • One hour of exercise at the UW Health Preventive Cardiology Research Park location

Classes are offered in January, March and September.


Program Cost


Some insurance companies will pay for the program. Please check with your insurance provider to see if they will cover Active Living and Learning for you. Participants will be required to pay a commitment fee which will be refunded upon successful completion of the program requirements.


Program Participation


You may qualify if you:

  • Have three traits of metabolic syndrome (high blood sugar, high blood pressure, high triglyderides, low HDL, and increased waist circumference)
  • Have had a diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes in the past 12 months and/or have not been on medication to control your blood sugar for greater than 12 months
  • Are ready to make lifestyle changes that can improve your health and commit to the year-long program